My top LGBT film: Shortbus

If you haven’t seen my choice of LGBT film, it’s probably best if you don’t watch it with your grandmother first time around. Written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, Shortbus opens on James (Paul Dawson) filming himself as he masturbates with grim determination in the bath. The camera doesn’t spare the audience’s blushes. … Continue Reading My top LGBT film: Shortbus

La Ronde

All of life can be found in a gay bar. At least, that’s the message of Peter Scott-Presland’s enjoyably exuberant, if over-long, musical, (very) loosely based on Arthur Schnitzler’s tale of sexual morals, Reigen, with a score provided by long-time collaborator David Harrod. The show opens at the end of … Continue Reading La Ronde


Before the nineteenth century, the inhabitants of the East Anglian Fens lived lives shadowed by the threat of obliteration. The conditions that made the fields they tended so fertile, so good for growing crops, also made widespread flooding a devastating annual likelihood. Then the land was drained; made attractive to … Continue Reading Fen