Bernarda Alba

Katherine Hare’s assured production of Michael John LaChiusa’s musical adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba – first staged in New York in 2006 – combines beautiful choreography, clever staging and full-blooded performances to strike a shattering emotional note that never seems strained. Antonio María Benavides, scourge of serving … Continue Reading Bernarda Alba

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This conceptually muddled production of Shakespeare’s enduring comedy successfully realises Theseus’s smugly affluent court on the first-floor terrace of the plush Bermondsey Square Hotel, but fudges the crucial distinction between city and countryside. Problems start with director Jayne Dickinson’s choice of ’70s fashion for every character except the fairies (dressed … Continue Reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Alma Mater

Empty rooms and family photos are reminders of things past, good and bad, now silent and packed away. It’s this sense of loss that Fish & Game’s haunting second piece captures so beautifully, weaving technology into dark fairytale. Given an iPad and headphones, you’re placed, alone, before a closed door. … Continue Reading Alma Mater