It’s night time. The gaze of the man on the other side of the aisle from me keeps straying from his girlfriend, who’s lying beside him, to the pair of women cuddled up together in the next bed. Behind him, two gay men rearrange their pillows and pull up the … Continue Reading Lullaby

Break My Fall

Originally published by So So Gay Magazine The streets of London aren’t so much paved with gold in writer, producer and director Kanchi Wichmann’s first feature, Break My Fall, as they are with vomit, rubbish and the lovely-sounding ‘squat-juice’. Nevertheless, Wichmann has succeeded in making a film that shines, downplaying the indie-beat vibe … Continue Reading Break My Fall


For a play about adultery, Betrayal is pretty light on between-the-sheets action. There’s no cat-and-mouse seduction over dinner or heart-racing quickie among the office filing cabinets; not for Harold Pinter the titillation of playing away. He’s more interested in the vulnerability of infidelity, what’s at stake when you hinge your happiness on … Continue Reading Betrayal

Luise Miller

It’s often said that the Devil has the best lines; and this is certainly the case in Michael Grandage’s staging of Friedrich Schiller’s early piece of political melodrama. However, in this swipe at the inequities of the eighteenth-century German aristocracy, man is the demon and God is a spoilt prince cosseted away in … Continue Reading Luise Miller

Tom Jones

First published by Time Out Ross Ericson’s knockabout adaptation of bawdy eighteenth-century novel ‘Tom Jones’ is more ‘Carry on Clarissa’ than social or literary satire. But while it may not be the classiest show on the fringe it’s a lot of fun. In the spirit of Henry Fielding’s original, we … Continue Reading Tom Jones