LGB on the BBC

One of the more interesting issues raised in the report published last week by the BBC on the portrayal of lesbians, gays and bisexuals across its various TV channels and radio stations was the importance of genre in determining an audience’s comfort level in relation to depictions of LGB people and … Continue Reading LGB on the BBC

Making Pride seriously fun

This weekend’s “Pride and (No) Prejudice” Brighton Pride parade was a melee of colour, glitter, Regency-era drag, big muscles, even bigger hair and irritatingly infectious high-scene pop and dance tracks. Such was the din created by the whistles and the vuvuzelas sold along the procession route that it was sometimes difficult … Continue Reading Making Pride seriously fun

Right to asylum

The recent Supreme Court ruling that LGBT foreign nationals have a right to asylum in the UK is welcome, and long overdue. It also sheds a harsh light on the state of Home Office policy in this area. In the days preceding the judgement, the UK had come under intense … Continue Reading Right to asylum