We feast on political memoirs, greedily devouring their tales of what went on behind closed doors while the flashbulbs of the press were pinging outside. When seasoned with events that have sparked public outrage, their appeal is irresistible. And recently there has been no greater touchstone for the people’s distrust … Continue Reading Loyalty

The Tempest

Principal Theatre Company’s winning run of outdoor summer Shakespeare continues with a spellbinding version of ‘The Tempest’. Paul Gladwin has skilfully navigated the play’s darker undercurrents to produce a child-friendly, laughter-filled show that stays on the right side of pantomime. Rupert Wickham is a stern but not unbending Prospero; raging … Continue Reading The Tempest

For Services Rendered

Melancholy pervades James Bounds’ heartfelt revival of Somerset Maugham’s tale of a wealthy family struggling to adapt in the aftermath of the Great War, which has left Sydney, the only son, blind. The diffuse yellow light that plays across the set, a country-house conservatory, evokes a summer’s day drawing to … Continue Reading For Services Rendered