I first heard of my uncle’s death on BBC News. It was December 3, 2006. I’d turned on the TV in time to catch the end of a news report about an explosion at a fireworks factory near my hometown of Lewes, in the southeast of the UK. It had claimed … Continue Reading Afterwards

BLANK PAGE   Write the first sentence.   Re-write the first sentence.     Just write the fucking thing and promise to come back to it.           Rewrite the first sentence.         What’s my idea? Is this my idea?   Aargh – I’ve … Continue Reading

A life passes

A woman watches. Life passes her window like flickering film. Wars boom and flash, a rocket lands on the moon. People get the vote and her children get older – they go from school, to church, to jobs and then to separate lives. They turn and wave. And then they … Continue Reading A life passes