A Clockwork Orange

Why bother adapting Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange after Kubrick? The author wasn’t happy with the film but as Stephen King’s dismal TV version of his own novel The Shining demonstrates, faithful doesn’t equal definitive. Add to the mix the tabloid scaremongering about copycat killings that saw Kubrick ban his film from being shown … Continue Reading A Clockwork Orange

Interview: Ed Dick

Director Ed Dick talks to Tom Wicker about reviving playwright and artist Philip Ridley’s brilliant and brutal debut play, The Pitchfork Disney, at the Arcola Theatre. When The Pitchfork Disney was first performed at the Bush Theatre in 1991 it had some audience members fleeing with terror. Ridley’s distinctive, darkly … Continue Reading Interview: Ed Dick

The Four Stages of Cruelty

Adapting William Hogarth’s coruscating vision of a vice-filled London is an attractive proposition. Substitute crack for gin, and his depiction of broken families and corrupt politicians could be ripped from today’s headlines. But Adam Brace and Sebastian Armesto’s interpretation for the stage of ‘The Four Stages of Cruelty’ reveals that … Continue Reading The Four Stages of Cruelty

Interview: James Haddrell

Between Tuesday 24 May and Saturday 4 June, Greenwich Theatre will be showcasing the work of a number of very different companies and performers as part of its inaugural Emerging Artists season. Little Soldier will be reviving their first production, Pakita (following a successful run at the Hampstead-based New End … Continue Reading Interview: James Haddrell

The Painter

On 12 January The Arcola opened the doors of its new home, the Colourworks building, to the public. In its heyday the factory supplied colour blocks to artists throughout England. So what better way of marking the theatre’s move here than premiering a play about one of its most famous … Continue Reading The Painter


There is something comforting about doctors. Even if they are unable to reassure you that nothing is wrong, they can provide you with answers; they can name your problem and in doing so bring welcome definition to the shapeless fear of the unknown that has been nagging away at you. … Continue Reading Blue/Orange

Pieces of Vincent

The Arcola’s production of David Watson’s third play is a sophisticated audio-visual affair. Its utilisation of wrap- around video footage, surround sound and physical effects is a media student’s dream. But does the production prioritise technical wizardry over substance? This is a real concern as the audience take their seats … Continue Reading Pieces of Vincent