The Big Fellah

It’s very easy to get politics wrong in plays, and the road to failure is paved with good intentions. The desire to make a point, to comment on a situation, can result in the ditching of characterisation and plot in favour of something that comes across as simplistic or naive on … Continue Reading The Big Fellah

Pieces of Vincent

The Arcola’s production of David Watson’s third play is a sophisticated audio-visual affair. Its utilisation of wrap- around video footage, surround sound and physical effects is a media student’s dream. But does the production prioritise technical wizardry over substance? This is a real concern as the audience take their seats … Continue Reading Pieces of Vincent

In the Blood

For such a linguistically rich play, Suzan-Lori Parks’ In the Blood – an updated take on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, here receiving its European premiere – is at its best when exploring the limitations, inadequacy and cruel fixedness of language. Words, sentences, labels, expressions and clichés – as wielded … Continue Reading In the Blood